The EXITECH Diesel Generator Synchronization Simulator (SYNCHRO) is the latest addition to a growing list of software products tailored to meet your operations and maintenance training needs.

Why create a diesel generator part-task trainer?

SYNCHRO training for operators, maintenance personnel and Instrument and Control (I&C) technicians provides a focused learning environment. Personnel will develop a unique understanding of diesel generator operating characteristics necessary to recognize the first signs of trouble or off-normal operation. SYNCHRO brings "high-fidelity" software normally found only in full-scope simulators to the student on personal computers.


SYNCHRO Features

  • A graphic interface typical of a control room remote diesel generator panel or an optional full-size vertical control panel with actual hardware.
  • Diesel and generator malfunctions to facilitate casualty training and recovery.
  • Manual and automatic startup, loading, and shutdown.
  • Provides realistic generator response under all operating conditions including overload, gross under excitation, and out-of-phase synchronization.
  • Provides realistic motor (speed, torque, current, and power factor) response.
  • No limitations on operator actions - realistic up to the point of physical destruction of equipment.