EXITECH Corporation has over 25 years of experience in domestic and international nuclear communities and provides services in several critical infrastructure sectors; Energy, DOD & DOE, and Chemical. Exitech is committed to offering premier services in the areas of training, training devices, simulator procurement, maintenance and modification, engineering services, management consulting and cyber security services. Founded in 1985, Exitech partners with industry leaders to develop innovative and creative solutions tailored for fleet or individual sites.

EXITECH Corporation is committed to provide your company with the highest quality services available. As a measure of this commitment, EXITECH provides only qualified, respected professionals that will conduct the project as proposed and provide rapid effective response.

Our corporate commitment to your project is evidenced by the direct involvement of our Corporate Officers. A Corporate Officer provides oversight for each project with the responsibility for ensuring delivery of premier services and satisfaction for you, our client. As a reference to our quality, commitment, and capabilities, we confidently invite you to contact any of our past or present clients.