The EXITECH Ocoee Instructor Station provides the user with a rich Graphical User Interface to the simulation environment.  Using off the shelf components, we have eliminated the need for proprietary software and equipment.  Ocoee has been designed to be compliant with Microsoft Windows NT environment.

Ocoee in conjunction with Chattanooga provides a simulation platform that easily facilitates migration, stand alone processing, and development.  Due to the versatility of Ocoee, use of other Windows NT compliant software, such as spreadsheets and word processors, is easily facilitated.  In addition, graphic packages such as Dataviews can be easily added.

System Features

Ocoee accepts instructor input from either the keyboard or mouse. The system uses a "Windows" style graphical display area for both types of input. Instructor interactions are intuitive, simple, and easy to perform allowing varying skill levels easy interface with the system.

Ocoee provides instant instructor feedback, such as color changes, pop-up windows, and highlighting to indicate the status of overall simulator operation. The intuitive nature of Ocoee minimizes the complexity of instructor tasks necessary to control the simulator and evaluate trainee performance.